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August 08 2017

Yantai Lishin Electronic & Technical Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and international company based in Yantai, Shandong Province, Cina. We are one of the profession throwing suppliers of aluminum spreading including high pressure die sending your line, gravity die casting along with zinc alloy die illuminating serving for the industries connected with automotive, construction equipment in addition to electric worldwide. With the a variety of casting equipment, cnc appliance and inspection facility, we can easily provide you one stop assistance including tooling design, cease to live casting and precision machining.
aluminum enclosures
With our many years experience with working with customers in YOU and Europe and robust comprehensive ability in technological know-how, manufacturing, management and excellent relations with our partner crops, we can assure to supply you actually various parts in most competitive value, stabled quality and on time frame delivery. We are looking forward the customers can use from all over the world to get close to with us.
aluminum enclosures
We will meet your personal requirement with good quality provider and competitive price.
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